The Sabaly Group (Wo Yao Bang Ni!)


"Bang" in Chinese means "help",
which is where the BANGS mission statement comes from:
"Your adventure helps others find theirs."
20% of BANGS net profits is invested in entrepreneurs all around the world! We do this through an organization called Kiva! If you'd like to sponsor an entrepreneur as well,
we encourage you to check out Kiva and jump in on the fun!
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For the month of January, BANGS Brand Ambassadors chose the Sabaly group of Mali to invest in as the entrepreneur of the month.

Borrower image

In the bottom left side of the photo, holding the sheep, is Ramatou.
She is a 40 year old woman who is widowed and has six orphaned children.
Ramatou is an entrepreneur with a 10-year livestock business, and with her loan she will be able to buy more livestock to trade back into the market. The income she is able to make goes towards the needs of her children. Although the trading business is difficult, Ramatou is happy because she is able to provide for her family.
To learn more about their story, check this out!

The group includes: Soumba, Abdoulaye, Mamou Solo, Sanata, Rokia Timpè, Salimata, Mamou , Massitan, Sali , Rokia Sedou, Ramatou, Mayama, Mariétou, Massitan, Sanata*
*not pictured

Continue spreading the BANGS love y'all! ❤️️
We love our partner that brings this vision to life!

February 03, 2017 by Haley Funk
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