BBQ’in with BANGS

You might recall from an earlier post that one of the best ways we enjoy the summer days is by going on a road trip. Well, we would like to add one more thing to our summer to-do list: SUMMER BARBECUES! We love throwing together an impromptu barbecue which eliminates all of those hours planning and setting up a proper soiree.

We think barbecues are the quintessential event in the summertime for family and friends to gather in one space to catch up, hang out, and just relish in the day. For us, there are some important elements that make up a successful barbecue – yards games, good jams, mouth-watering BBQ, a grill master, cold drinks, and BANGS. We think you should definitely throw a barbecue for your family and friends! And when you do, make sure you wear good by rocking BANGS.

What are some of your favorite mouth-watering barbecue food items? What would be your top tracks for a barbecue playlist? How would you wear your BANGS at a BBQ? Comment below! We would love you hear what your essential items are!

#bangsatabbq #weargood 

- Written by guest writer Maggie Carruth 

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