BANGS thinks traveling is the Craic

What the heck is the “craic”? It’s only the awesome way the Irish describe something that’s legendary and mind-blowing . So, yeah we think you travelers are the craic!

Around here at BANGS we like to know where in the world BANGS Shoes have been. That’s why we have made every Friday, “where have your BANGS been Friday”. Yes, we are going to hashtag it. #wheresyourBANGS or #WYB for short.


We loved to learn that Rachael Bischoff spent this past week in Ireland gallivanting around in her green BANGS Shoes. Even better she’s doing one of our fave activities in them, YOGA! She’s the craic!

Keep telling us where in the world your BANGS were and are. Traveling vicariously through you is the craic!

#bangstakesireland #weargood #WYB

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