Road trippin’ with my favs – BANGS Shoes

You guys, it is that time of year. Yes, it is that time of year when we find ourselves feeling that incomparable feeling that only summer brings. The days are just beginning to unfold and looking at the calendar is so much more enjoyable. We all know that feeling. Ahh, summer.

One of the things we love about the summertime is the feeling of freedom. Maybe it’s just us, but being spontaneous seems more organic and perhaps more appropriate during the summer – and what better way to be spontaneous than…taking a road trip! Isn’t it such an exciting feeling to just call up a few friends, load up the car with the essential items, and just go? We have a strong feeling that one or two spontaneous road trips will be a part of many people’s summer stories this year. Well, you better believe that we will be taking our BANGS with us on all summer road trips. So, it’s fair to say that when we take BANGS with us on whatever road trip we decide to take this summer and sport them wherever we are, we’ll be making positive change in the world – we will be wearing good. Now, think about how much change will be made if we all wear our BANGS on our summer road trips. Seems like a major win to us.  We hope you are as excited about enjoying the days of summer by hitting the road and taking that trip – destination unknown!  More so, we hope you make it an even better road trip by wearing good. Make BANGS be one of your essential items. Happy travels! #BangsOnARoadTrip

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