Helping Mohammad build business. Literally.

It’s that time. We’ve chosen our first Kiva entrepreneur for May!

Mohammed lives in Yemen and is 51 years old, married, and a father of 10 children. Yep. TEN.

Over three decades ago, Mohammad started his career as a construction worker with big aspirations to own his own construction business. His dedication, passion, and drive has enabled him to acquire two dump trucks allowing him to jump start his company.

With such a big family to support, and like most business owners, Mohammad needs to expand his business. Unfortunately, Mohammad has found it difficult to get a loan through traditional banking methods to purchase his next dump truck.

Mohammad has turned to Kiva to help expand his enterprise. We are proud to be part of helping Mohammad succeed by investing in his business through Kiva.

When you buy BANGS Shoes, we loan 20% of net profits to help entrepreneurs like Mohammad acquire their asking Kiva loans. As you can see, you are an active, necessary part of Mohammad’s success and the success of other entrepreneurs like him.

The special, and we think, most important part of this entire interaction is that BANGS Shoes and Kiva work together to help people help themselves. No handouts. No dependance. Real people affecting real change.

When you put on your BANGS Shoes, you might not think about the impact you’re making, but some point — we challenge you to look down at your sweet kicks and think about Mohammad.

What a cool thing to be part of. Your small choice to be a conscious consumer is actively helping someone help themselves. You purchase is investing in long-term change.

You’re helping Mohammad build his business, literally, as he builds! Cool.

Want to learn more about Mohammad’s story, go here.


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