BANGS Shoes and Kiva doin’ the dang thang!

Our final blitzing week theme is get outdoors and be on the ground, if you will. This is exactly how we feel about partnering with Kiva, standing on issues and helping people on the “ground”. What do we mean by this?

Our partners at Kiva are literally getting outdoors and going to remote areas around the world to help small business have more opportunity through miro-lending. By proxy we are doing exactly the same thing, standing on issues in the field of our community. Getting the word about the work being done by our partners whilst wearing awesome BANGS Shoes.

We are standing on issues but its doing something by arguably… not just standing still. If you were to join us, where would you go? What would you do? If you could help people around the world what would you do?

Getting out, literally outside to affect change in all types of communities is what you and I are all about right? I mean why rock BANGS Shoes?

We realized getting outside to help others is kind of like Kiva’s model. Kiva fellows and volunteers travel everywhere possible part of the globe you could imagine to help people elevate their socioeconomic status through microloans. Talk about getting out and doing things. We are very excited to be partnering with these people out in the field providing these services of opportunities.

Pretty sweet if you ask us.

* Photo taken at Depauw BANGS Ambassadors! 


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