How bazaar, how bazaar

I moved to NYC during the worst winter in over ten years. Brilliant.

The Hudson on a run

Hudson River looking absurd

As a South Carolina resident from birth until this past January (with a one-year stint in China), the adjustment has been quite an adjustment. Earlier this week, my phone said it was 1 Degree. ONE.

I’ve been forced to delete SC from my weather app because I can’t handle looking at things like “60” and “70”… have been willing warmer temps with everything in me. The weather is unresponsive.

Aside from the whole arctic situation, another point of adjustment is the energy level. There is so much going on and so much to see, FOMO** is a very real thing here. But with all the energy and creativity, it’s impossible to not be inspired.

NYC seems to house boatloads of individuals who ooze innovation, passion, and ambition. There are also the special people who decide to turn that individual energy into gatherings and communities of innovation, passion and ambition.

photo 2

Jackie, not clawing winnings

A couple weeks ago, I went to an amazing example of this type of gathering called the Brooklyn Bazaar. It’s an inside venue that offers games, food, drinks, live music and vendors. It’s basically a mini-festival that happens every weekend. Check out their IG @BKBazaar for a closer look.

Importantly, BKB has one of those glass apparatuses where you claw out prizes (see right). You’ll be pleased to know I actually clawed out a prize which NEVER happens. I’ve tried my share at random grocery stores to know how unusual this is, but if you need more confirmation, you can ask Jackie who didn’t win anything.

I took my winnings with grace and humility and, more importantly, as a sign BANGS should be at this Bazaar. So this weekend, we are debuting a BANGS booth at BKB. Oh yaaaa I said it!!

So please everyone, please send as much energy as you can for warmer weather and if you’re in BK, come say hello! We’ll be there.


** FOMO = Fear Of Missing Out

photo 1

BKB Photobooth

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