We're all on a journey.

We're all on a journey. 
Some journeys start from day one marked by our family and friends. 
Some journeys begin in the thick of life through a quick decision or new experience.
Some journeys start and end quickly, some never end, and some of the best haven't even begun yet.
Funny thing. A lot of our journeys end up crossing in more than one place. Putting us with certain people at a specific times -- exactly what we need at that moment. Then we part ways. And then we meet again. 
But here we are. Now. And it's really all we know for sure. 
Working to be honest with ourselves and others, trying to treat people with generosity and kindness. None of which is easy to do. 
But there's no way to know where another person is on their journey, and who knows when our paths will cross again?  
So here's to embracing whatever comes next, open to the good, and knowing the bad will show itself sooner or later. But just being ok. With all of it.
Here's to life, loss, success, failure, laughter, tears and us. Because life seems to say, over and over again, that we're in this together.
May 20, 2015 by Hannah Davis
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