7 Companies with Epic Stickers Worth Seeing

I haven't always been a ~connoisseur~ of stickers, and I guess I'm still not. At least compared to many humans I see with water bottles and lap tops covered in back to back stickers.

Like what type of water bottle is that even!? I can't see the shape under the weight of those stickers! You my good human are level 10,000 stratosphere NASA Matt Damon sticker leader, something I can only aspire to be. 

See I love stickers. I have a lot more than the average human (I think), but I'm one of those people who is too scared to put them anywhere so they're all very safe in a shoebox in my laundry room where I can enjoy them without commitment. (If any psychologists are reading this, I swear I'm fine with commitment it just has to be the right sticker. And also I just watched “The Martian” with Matt Damon.)

Obviously the BANGS community exposed me to the beauty that is sticker appreciation and that's why we're here! To shine a light into the sticker realm and raise up to the sky some favorites that deserve to be praised. 

So without further adieu here are 7 companies with epic stickers worth seeing!! 

1. Keep Nature Wild

There are literally a million reasons why love this company. It was started by two brothers with a mission to keep our world clean. These guys are SO much fun, they work work incredibly hard, are honest, their company is doing all this great stuff and WOW their stickers great.



Leave It Better Desert | Sticker
$3.00 via Keep Nature Wild

Arizona Love | Sticker
$3.00 via Keep Nature Wild


2. Parks Project 

This is another super awesome company. They focus on preserving our National Parks! Their stuff has a vintage vibe and I want everything. (I have this design on a sweatshirt and let me tell you it is COZY.)


National Parks Are For Lovers Sticker

$8.00 via ParksProject.us

3. Sam Larson

This guys is next level talented. He needs no introduction! We need all his stickers all over everything. He sells them in smaller and bigger packs! Maybe one day he will release a wall paper. 


Portland Sticker Pack

$16 via SteelBison.com

4. BANGS Shoes

This is self serving, yes I know, but I feel 100% confident putting BANGS on this list because 1) I do not design the BANGS Shoes stickers and 2) I truly love our stickers!! 


Sunrise Adventure Sticker

$4 via BANGSshoes.com

5. Nomadic Hearts

Allison, the woman who started this company, is an incredible artist and even better human! Her mission is "to inspire adventure in everyday life and foster a more compassionate world." You can read more about her company's social mission on her site!


Be Wild Bear Sticker

$1 via NomadicHeartsClothing.com

6. Wild Slice Designs

Wild Slice is an Etsy shop run by another talented artist who creates hand drawn designs inspired from Nature's Beauty!


Sasquatch Bigfoot Sticker 
$4.95 via Wild Slice Etsy Shop 

She Wolf Sticker 

$4.95 via Wild Slice Etsy Shop.

 7. Slow Road Supply

Slow Road was founded by an artist name Gabrielle. From her website "It really is the little things that make all the difference; life truly is beautiful when we slow it down and look around. So try it. Grab a pin and snap it on your gear. Watch it put a smile on your face and adventure in your heart.

Enjoy the ride. Take the slow road."

How amazing is that??


Logo Sticker

$3 via SlowRoadSupply.com


And that's a wrap!! Have a sticker company you LOVE?? Have an idea you'd love for us to write about?

Share your thoughts in the comments! Would love to rally up some more incredible options and ideas for next time. 

Lots of #liveBANGS love,




Hannah Davis is the Founder & CEO of BANGS Shoes. You can reach her via her personal Instagram @hannahcdavis

December 04, 2018 by Hannah Davis
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