Welcome to this blog!

It’s 10:11pm on a Tuesday. I’ve been sitting at my computer on and off since 8am, but mostly on.

My fuel for the day has been an entire French press of mate, three eggs, half an avocado, a cup of coffee with homemade almond milk (which I’m unbelievably smug about because this stuff is SO GOOD and unfortunately I’m one of those people that’s like “iiiii uuseee HOMEEEMMMMAAADDDEEE almond milkkkkk” and I hear myself doing it and I try to stop but here we are) a fruit smoothie, a pile of food from the open bar at our grocery story, and 1 entire chocolate bar.

Dinner was the only time I left my apartment today. Nobody is really making me sit here inside Google Drive planning my life away. Nobody except myself of course.

I’m not sure what I thought founding a company would look like. I mean I know what I saw as a customer, but I don’t think you can really ever understand what something is like until you do it yourself. 

But I guess that makes sense. You can’t know something until you know it. 

I started my first blog when I was living and teaching English in China like a thousand years ago. It was mostly stories about my students, culture differences, and things that got lost in translation.

And then somewhere along the way, writing took a back seat to everything else. Building BANGS Shoes really, but I want to start writing again, I really do. 

So I recently told myself what I tell everyone else — just do it, okay?

Hannah just start writing because you’re a lot happier when you get your words out. I wonder why I feel the need to share? I’m sure there’s some ego in it. Like ohhh my fancy words will change all the stuff, but mostly I think it’s cause I like connecting with people.

And writing is my form of connection.

So welcome to this blog! I hope that I can connect with you, or connect you with yourself — maybe your past self or your future self, or connect you with someone else.

DM me at @hannahcdavis if you have some thoughts. 

Love ya lots,


November 11, 2018 by Hannah Davis
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