Why You Should Wear Slip Ons Year Round

Some people think that you can't wear slip ons year round because your feet would be cold in the winter, but I'm here to tell you that -- nay. You CAN wear slip ons in year round because socks exist.

And some people think that you can't wear slip ons with socks, but I'm here again to say -- nay. You CAN wear slip ons with socks. It's adorable and highly functional. 

Everest Ice Slip Ons $50 via BANGSshoes.com

But most importantly!! Here are a list of things you can do with the time you would have spent tying laces.

1. Eat a York Peppermint Patty

2. Wink at yourself in the mirror and say out loud "you will crush this day"

3. Text your Mom and tell her she's doing great

4. Stretch

5. Drink 4-8 sips of coffee

6. Pet your cat / dog / lizard 

7. Take 3 deep breaths

8. Wonder what your best friend is doing

9. Set an intention for the day

10. Text your best fried & ask what they are doing

11. Think about doing your laundry (probably can't save enough time to actually do it but you can think about it which is the 1st step ya know)

12. Floss

13. Water 1 plant

14. Brush your hair

15. Google "What is space made of?"

16. Put a dish in the dishwasher

17. Do a handstand 

18. Walk out the door on time

19. Eat an apple (or at least a few bites of one)

Do you need any more reasonss than this??

Slip into comfort and get out there and make somethin' of yourself! 


Everest Ice Slip Ons  $50 via BANGSshoes.com

December 09, 2018 by Hannah Davis
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