Join us for the hunt of the Summer!!

How Does it Work?

Grab a friend and join us in Austin, TX on June 10 and Provo, UT on June 17 for sacvenger hunts flush with prizes that also gives back! We'll be collecting water donations in Austin and canned food donations in Provo.

See below for details!! Each city is dfferent.

Two things that stay the same: 1) all participants MUST be on foot (all bikes, cars, skateboards, and anything else with wheels is prohibited) and 2) all hunt clues will be released on the BANGS Shoes, Thread Wallets and Arvo Watches Instagram. Click links to follow!

Donations: All Austin scavenger hunt participants are encouraged to bring 1 case or 1 gallon of water. All Provo scavenger hunt participants are encouraged to bring can of food. Both drives will be transporting all donations to our nonprofit partner's location at the end of each city's event.

Austin, TX

What's Hidden?
Austin Itinerary

10:00AM CST - 1st clue released on @BANGSshoes

Please note there is no meet up before the scavenger hunt starts!! Every person for themselves until after all the prizes have been found :)

10:15AM CST - 2nd clue released on @BANGSshoes stories

10:30AM CST - 3rd clue released on @BANGSshoes stories

10:45AM CST - 4th clue released on @BANGSshoes stories

11:00AM CST - 5th clue released on @BANGSshoes stories

11:15AM CST - 6th and final clue released on @BANGSshoes stories

11:30AM CST - Water Drive + Hang at Zilker Park, bring your water for opportunities for more sick prizes PLUS hang with awesome peeps!! Exact location will be announced from the BANGS Shoes IG.

The first 30 people to show up with water for the water drive will get a free customized Threads Wallet!!

Anyone 21+ who brings a water donation will be entered to win 4 invites to the Do512 Lounge in Austin to watch a private taping of a band when they come to town on tour.

Receiving your water donations will be the sisters behind BANGS Shoes, the guys from Arvo Watches, the friends from Threads Wallets, and loads of epic brand Ambassador!

Also… we’ll also be giving out lots of cool swag from BANGS Shoes, Arvo and Threads to the people who show up first! So come on!!

Provo, UT

What's Hidden?
Provo Itinerary

2:00PM MST - 1st clue released on @arvo insta stories

3:00PM MST - 2nd clue released on @thread_wallets

4:00PM MST - 3rd clue released on @arvo

5:00PM MST - 4th clue released on @thread_wallets

6:00PM MST - 5th clue released on @arvo insta stories

7:00PM MST - 6th and final clue released on @thread_wallets

7:30PM MST - Meet at Kiwanis Park for the Movie/Food Drive Hang!

The first 50 people to bring a can of food will get a free ice cream.

We'll be enjoying food and playing lawn games from 7:30-9PM.

Your cans of food will be donated to the Utah Food bank.

9:00PM MST - We'll watch a movie in the park on an inflatable big screen! Bring your blankets and friends.

Join us for the hunt of the Summer!!



Participating Cities

Austin, TX Saturday June 10

Asheville, NC Wednesday June 14

Provo, UT Saturday June 17

How will it work?

3 cities

6 locations in each city

Each location will hold 1 golden ticket 

What are you hunting?








How does it work??

Follow @BANGSshoes @Arvo @thread_wallets

Clues will be released on participating social media accounts leading up to the day of the hunt.

    May the odds be ever in your favor.