Blitz day dates/themes
Blitz 4 (August 23rd):
Share your BANGS experience!!!
Campaign dates/descriptions
Summer Sun Club
FINAL sunset: August 16th
June 28th - August 16th
August 16th: Go Minimal
Sticker Hunt
August 19th
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Find Your Adventure: Every Tuesday and Thursday on IG Story!!!
BANGS Meet ups & highlights!!

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Saturday August 25th:
Lake Tahoe, CA
Saturday September 15th:
Cook Forest State Park, Clarion, PA
Friday November 2nd:
Chicago, IL

What's the BA and family code? The BA 40% off code is 3UMMER18BA! and the 15% off friends/family code is 3UMMERF4M!* (don't forget the asterisk!!)
Can I use the BA code to buy presents for my squad? No, that's what the friends and family code is for! :)
Dang, I ordered the wrong size. How can I return them? Within 30 days of the shipment date, you can fill out this form to return your unworn and undamaged shoes. We'll get back to you within 24 business hours with your return label and you will receive a refund (minus the $7 restocking fee). 
I'm virtually lost! How do I get back into Slack!? Open Slack and our current workspace is BASummer2018. If you still have trouble message us and we'll help you out!!
My friend is jealous and wants to be a BA too. How can I hook them up? They can apply just like you did! From August 23rd to September 13th, BA apps open to more amazing humans!!
I LOVE BEING A BA!! How can I re-apply?! If you've done a super job as a BA and have participated to the extent you should (post on Blitz days and be a chill, friendly member of the fam) then we'd LOVE to keep you! We'll reach out when the term is nearing an end to ask if you'd like to continue your involvement with BANGS! Keep an eye out! :)
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