Hiiii Ambassador Fam!!

First of all you're doing great and I love you. Second, please carefully read everything here!! If you still have questions please text the BANGS hotline, DM us on IG @BANGSAmbassadors, text your Sole Mate OR PM us on Slack!! YOU DA BEST!!!

Community Values

It's Hannah Davis, Founder of BANGS. I’m so glad you’re here. It’s crazy beautiful that we’ve even gotten to this point!! BANGS was just a glimmer of an idea under 10 years ago.

My first vision for BANGS came to me when I was 22 years old. I wanted to create an everyday adventure footwear brand to try and make the world a better place.

I and BANGS work to bring our mission to life in everything we do! We take 20% of our net profits and put them towards helping entrepreneurs start businesses around the world. We partner with an incredible third generation family-owned manufacturer to guarantee our goods are produced and sourced ethically. We have cultivated a company culture and community united around everyday adventure, positivity, encouragement, and a passion to do good.

We believe that everyday adventure is a mindset and with the right perspective and support from our community, we can make every moment into a positive experience or maybe even... a grand adventure.

I am humbled by the tens of thousands who have joined our community, love our shoes, and supported over 2,000 entrepreneurs in over 70 countries around the world, including the USA.

Our Ambassador program is one of the most important extensions of our brand and mission, and I believe that our Ambassador program is one of a kind. This is mostly because of our Ambassadors themselves -- a group of kind, passionate humans who choose to put their energy towards representing the BANGS mission and for whom I am eternally grateful.

We are also grateful for the opportunity to manually review tens of thousands of applicants’ Instagram accounts and short answer questions. We carefully select each Ambassador to unite a group of humans active on social media, using their platforms for positivity and kindness, and want to build a brand and community dedicated encouragement both on and offline.

The BANGS Ambassador program is unique in that our main goal is to encourage Ambassadors connection through Slack, social media, and our various activities like Blitz Days, campaigns, and meetups. Our program has proven time and time again that people are intrinsically good and genuinely want to connect, they just need an opportunity.

A clear goal for our Ambassador program and company is tremendous diversity and non-discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, gender expression, age, national origin, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or military status, in any of our activities or operations.

Everyone is invited to #liveBANGS!!!

We have decided to focus our Ambassador program on broad topics like meetups, BANGS campaigns, our social mission, travel, outdoor activities, clothing, plants, food, coffee, and of course our love of BANGS Shoes.

BANGS Shoes has chosen to not have social media posts, Slack channels or extensive dialog dedicated to politics, rallies, race, sexual orientation, gender, religion, social status, or fundraising of any kind. We also ask that our community not promote alcohol, drugs, or other brand's Ambassador programs on our communication channels.

I realize, understand and appreciate the passion around many of these topics listed above and support each of you in choosing your own path. I also encourage the sharing and discussing of your identity and beliefs on your personal social media accounts as you choose.

Our goal for Slack is that there be no direct solicitation to participate in activities outside of BANGS that are not consistent with our stated values. If we see a Slack post or Slack mention not consistent with our stated objectives, we will remove it and be sure to send you a direct message notifying you of its removal.

I do understand that BANGS may not support all of your needs, as we cannot be a source for all topics of dialogue. So I encourage your participation in the hundreds of sites, blogs and communities dedicated to each of these!

BANGS will provide you with countless everyday adventure opportunities to challenge yourself and build confidence so you are able to better serve yourself and your communities. We also hope that our program will connect you with all kinds of people through curiosity, hope, the need for community, kindness, and encouragement.

I feel crazy grateful for this opportunity, am so proud of each and every one of you, and hope you will continue to help us unite this community around the BANGS Shoes mission.

All my love & respect,
New Program Changes
  • Stickers and Laces are now covered by your BA code if you buy a pair of shoes!! Your BA code code applies to any order value of $14 USD or more.
  • We have transitioned into an “opt out” vs “opt in” strategy to move from term to term! If you have posted on all your Blitz days you will be automatically moved into the next BA term! Need to take a break from the program, do not to worry! We can easily remove you if it is no longer serving you. Just PM us on Slack or text us on the BANGS hotline!
  • We have added a Sunshine Day at the end of the term where we randomly select prize winners who participated in all 3 Blitz Days!!


Blitz Dates & Themes
April - June Term
Blitz 1 - April 29
Theme: *Every day is Earth Day --> (go outside! Show off our earth!)* 🌍🌷🌿🌞🦋🐠💐
Blitz 2 - May 20
Theme: What’s your fuel! (Food, friendships, hiking?!) 🌿👟✨ 
Blitz 3 - June 11
Theme: Here Comes The Sun! 👟💐🌞
July - October Term
Blitz 1 - July 29
Theme: TBD
Blitz 2 - August 19
Theme: TBD
Blitz 3 - September 10
Theme: TBD
Blitz 4 - October 1
Theme: TBD
November - January Term
Blitz 1 - November 29
Theme: TBD
Blitz 2 - December 16
Theme: TBD
Blitz 3 - January 7
Theme: TBD
Blitz Survey Guidelines

After each Blitz we release a Survey for our community to vote on some of our most creative images posted!

Our surveys contain 5 categories that stay the same each term which are... Shoe Selfie, BANGS Art, Adventure Buddies / Companions, Spirit Guide & Sole Mates, and Wildcard. The wildcard category is a submission box where BAs can submit links to IG posts that they feel should have been included in the survey, either someone else’s post or their own! Winners of this category will be chosen at BANGS’ discretion.

The Blitz Survey is one of our MOST favorite times of the year to highlight some of your work! Please know that we are not able to select everyone's images (and that the process of narrowing down is HARD!) but if your image is NOT selected is does not mean that you didn't crush Blitz!! To help give you a better idea of what we're looking for check out this list below.

Please also know that number of followers, likes, and comments are NOT taken into consideration whatsoever for images selected to appear on our survey.

To make it onto the Blitz Survey, we look for...
  • High quality images (no pixelation)
  • Interesting perspectives
  • Clearly visible BANGS
  • Unique additions to images
  • Creative flare
  • In line with Blitz Survey categories: Shoe Selfie, BANGS Art, Adventure Buddies / Companions, Spirit Guide & Sole Mates, and Wildcard.

Below we have included a series of image examples that have made it onto previous surveys! Click on the image to be taken to the photographer's Instagram page. We cannot wait to see what you come up with!

Here you will find weekly and monthly activities & campaigns we have planned, but please know these are subject to change based on BA feedback and scheduling fluidity. We try and stay flexxx. Have an idea?? Send it to Kat Douventzidis on Slack!!
Each Week
  • Help us build content for the BANGS IG feed & story by sharing in our #content-creators Slack channel!
  • Vote on new featured Kiva entrepreneurs in our #kiva-entrepreneurs Slack channel!
  • Stay up to date on flow happenings in our #yoga Slack channel!
  • Sign up to host a meetup by clicking here & stay up to date on local meet ups on the "Get Involved" page of our site!
  • Prep for our next Blitz Day with an epic adventure photoshoot!
  • Stay tuned in Slack for monthly speakers to learn about BA topics!


    • Earth Day Clean Ups! Sign up to host a Meetup Cleanup by filling out this form!
    • Guest Speaker: @stuffhannahdoes on creativity flows!!


    • April Showers Bring May Flowers Scavenger Hunt
    • Penpal Sign Up
    • Guest Speaker: Kat Douventzidis on Plant Care
    • Mad Lib Campaign!!


    • Guest Speaker: Molly Davis on Product Development
    • BANGS Trivia
    BANGS Meetups & Highlights!!

    REVIEW & register for a scheduled meetup here!!!

    HOST your own meetup by clicking here!!!

    Ambassadors host meetups all over the country throughout the entire year! BANGS Shoes hosts 1 BIG meetup each summer in different cities! Summer 2019 our big meetup is in Asheville, North Carolina! You can review and register on the link included above!

    Saturday July 20 (9am-3pm EST)
    Asheville, NC
    Important Contact Info!

    Need help with your BANGS Shoes order? Email help@bangsshoes.com !!

    Need assistance with a campaign? Ask in the #help channel on Slack.

    Have an idea to make our program better? Post in the #ideas channel on Slack.

    Need direct assistance with literally anything? Text the BANGS hotline OR PM Amber Brown or Kat Douventzidis on Slack!

    Want to host a meetup? HOST your own meet up by clicking here!!!! And PM Abigail Shipley, Danielle Wright, or Charlene Flores on Slack with any questions!!

    Important Dates


    April 17th

    Slack Opens!!

    April 29th

    Blitz 1, theme Everyday is Earth Day!

    May 20th

    Blitz 2, theme TBD

    June 11th

    Blitz 3, theme TBD

    June 11

    BA Apps Open, July - October Term

    June 25th

    Term Ends

    July 9th

    BA Apps Close, July - October Term

    July 17th

    July - October Slack Opening Day

    July 29

    Blitz 1

    August 19

    Blitz 2

    September 10

    Blitz 3


    Blitz 4

    October 15

    July - October 2019 Term Closes


    Slack House Rules
    • Adventure and positivity only! All controversial topics are left outside of BANGS!
    • Your BANGS Ambassador discount code is for shoes for your feet only! This code should never be shared for anyone. Not even for presents!
    • Friends & Family code can be shared via text, DM, but never on social media!
    Slack Help

    1. How to silence a channel & manage notifications:


    2. How to leave a channel

    3. How to add yourself to a channel

    You can join as many channels as you'd like, but I recommend only choosing your top 3 so you don't get overwhelmed! You can also leave a channel at any point if it no longer serving you! Below I have included some ""How Tos"" but I would also encourage you to click around & get SUPER comfortable in Slack. It will be the primary place to connect with the BANGS Community!

    4. Slack Best Practices
    • Please do not spam any Slack channels with your IG handle! The BANGS Slack is a sacred space where we are trying to build a real, online community. It is a place to share & talk, and if you would like to give your IG handle to someone personally, please PM them!
    • Slack has a Desktop App and whew let me tell you! It's a game changer!! After you get your email invite, I highly recommend checking it out!
    • If there is a channel you'd like to see created, share your ideas in the #ideas channel in Slack & a Spirit Guide will help us figure out if we can make it! We will do our best to make all channel recommendations, but cannot make every single one!


    BANGS Ambassador Resume Builder


    BANGS Shoes Ambassador:
    • Accepted after a rigorous application process of 11,000+ applicants with a 30% acceptance rate
    • Part of global online community that works to invest in entrepreneurs (20% net profits invest in entrepreneurs around the world)
    • Completed social media goals focused on marketing the mission & building community
    • Played a role in product development through surveys and questionnaires
    • Contributed to global marketing plan, sharing on social media



    What's the BA and family code?Ask your Sole Mate or post in Slack! We'll get it to ya ASAP!
    Can I use the BA code to buy presents for my squad? No, that's what the friends and family code is for! :)
    Dang, I ordered the wrong size. How can I return them? Within 30 days of the shipment date, you can fill out this form to return your unworn and undamaged shoes. We'll get back to you within 24 business hours with your return label and you will receive a refund (minus the $7 restocking fee).
    I'm virtually lost! How do I get back into Slack!? Contact the BANGS hotline or ask your Sole Mate and they'll help you out!!
    My friend is jealous and wants to be a BA too. How can I hook them up? They can apply just like you did! Direct them to our "Get Involved" page for more information on our Ambassador Application.
    I LOVE BEING A BA!! How can I re-apply?! We have transitioned into an “opt out” vs “opt in” strategy to move from term to term! If you have posted on all your Blitz days you will be automatically moved into our next term! But not to worry! We can easily remove you from the program if it is no longer serving you. Just PM us on Slack or text us on the BANGS hotline!
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