Welcome BANGS Ambassadors!!

Our Fall 2018 Term is off & running! By clicking on the headers below you should be able to find answers to many of your questions. Of course if you cannot find a solution below please text the BANGS hotline, text your Sole Mate OR PM us on Slack!! LOVE YOU!!!

Blitz Dates & Themes
Blitz 4 - December 17th
How do you #LiveBANGS !?!?
Blitz 1 - January 28th
New Adventures
Blitz 2 - February 19th 
Favorite Things
Blitz 3 - March 12th
Each Week
  • Tell your Friends & Family about BANGS with chances to win prizes! Our big Giveaway is February 25th. To enter into the giveaway have your peeps enter your name on checkout of our site! Additional details will be released in Slack #announcements each week. 
  • Help us build content for the BANGS IG feed & story in our #content-creators slack channel!
  • Vote on new featured Kiva entrepreneurs in our #kiva-entrepreneurs slack channel! 
  • Stay up to date on virtual flows in our #yoga slack channel!



    December campaigns! Stay tuned for confirmed dates & details!

    • Holiday Jingle Lip Sync
    BANGS Meet Ups & Highlights!!

    REGISTER for a scheduled meet up here!!!

    HOST your own meet up by clicking here!!!!

    Saturday December 15th (3pm-6pm)
    Austin, TX
    Important Contact Info!

    Need help with your BANGS Shoes order? Email help@bangsshoes.com !!

    Need assistance with a campaign? Ask in the #help channel on Slack. 

    Have an idea to make our program better? Post in the #ideas channel on Slack. 

    Need direct assistance with literally anything? Text the BANGS hotline OR PM Amber Brown or Kat Douventzidis on Slack! 

    Want to host a meetup? HOST your own meet up by clicking here!!!! And PM Abigail Shipley or Adriana Figuero on Slack with any questions!!

    Important Dates


    Monday, December 17th

    Blitz Day 4: How do you #LiveBANGS ?!

    Thursday, December 20th

    Fall Term Ends :(

    January 16th

    Spring term begins!!!

    February 29th 

    Friends & Fam Giveaway Deadline

    March 25th

    Spring term ends :(


    Slack House Rules
    • Adventure and positivity only! All controversial topics are left outside of BANGS! 
    • Your 40% off code is for shoes for your feet only! This code should never be shared for anyone. Not even for presents! 
    • Friends & Family code for 15% off, can be shared via text, DM, but never on social media!
    Slack Help

    1. How to silence a channel & manage notifications:



    2. How to leave a channel


    3. How to add yourself to a channel

    You can join as many channels as you'd like, but I recommend only choosing your top 3 so you don't get overwhelmed! You can also leave a channel at any point if it no longer serving you! Below I have included some ""How Tos"" but I would also encourage you to click around & get SUPER comfortable in Slack. It will be the primary place to connect with the BANGS Community! 


    4. Slack Best Practices
    • Please do not spam any Slack channels with your IG handle! The BANGS Slack is a sacred space where we are trying to build a real, online community. It is a place to share & talk, and if you would like to give your IG handle to someone personally, please PM them! 
    • Slack has a Desktop App and whew let me tell you! It's a game changer!! After you get your email invite, I highly recommend checking it out! 
    • If there is a channel you'd like to see created, share your ideas in the #ideas channel in Slack & a Spirit Guide will help us figure out if we can make it! We will do our best to make all channel recommendations, but cannot make every single one!



    What's the BA and family code? Ask your Sole Mate or post in Slack! We'll get it to ya ASAP!
    Can I use the BA code to buy presents for my squad? No, that's what the friends and family code is for! :)
    Dang, I ordered the wrong size. How can I return them? Within 30 days of the shipment date, you can fill out this form to return your unworn and undamaged shoes. We'll get back to you within 24 business hours with your return label and you will receive a refund (minus the $7 restocking fee).
    I'm virtually lost! How do I get back into Slack!? Contact the BANGS hotline or ask your Sole Mate and they'll help you out!!
    My friend is jealous and wants to be a BA too. How can I hook them up? They can apply just like you did! Spring term apps are officially closed but early applications are available!
    I LOVE BEING A BA!! How can I re-apply?! If you've done a super job as a BA and have participated to the extent you should (post on Blitz days and be a chill, friendly member of the fam) then we'd LOVE to keep you! We'll reach out when the term is nearing an end to ask if you'd like to continue your involvement with BANGS! Keep an eye out! :)

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