First of all you're doing great and we love you!!! If you have questions, text the BANGS hotline and we'll reply ASAP.

Community Values

We are so glad you’re here. It’s crazy beautiful that we’ve even gotten to this point!! BANGS was just a glimmer of an idea under 10 years ago.

Our Founder's first vision for BANGS came to her when she was 22 years old to try and make the world a better place.

Here at BANGS, we work to bring our mission to life in everything we do! We take 20% of our net profits and put them towards helping entrepreneurs start businesses around the world. We partner with an incredible third generation family-owned manufacturer to guarantee our goods are produced and sourced ethically. We have cultivated a company culture and community united around everyday adventure, positivity, encouragement, and a passion to do good.

We believe that everyday adventure is a mindset and with the right perspective and support from our community, we can make every moment into a positive experience or maybe even... a grand adventure.

We are humbled by the tens of thousands who have joined our community, love our shoes, and supported over 5,000 entrepreneurs in over 74 countries around the world, including the USA.

Our Community is one of the most important extensions of our brand and mission, and we believe that the BANGS Fam (and club!) is one of a kind. This is mostly because of the humans themselves -- a group of kind, passionate people who choose to put their energy towards representing the BANGS mission and for whom we are eternally grateful.

The BANGS Fam program is unique in that our main goal is to encourage our community to find everyday adventure through our shoes, social media, and various activities like adventure challenges, campaigns, and meetups. Our program has proven time and time again that people are intrinsically good and genuinely want to explore the world around them, they just need an opportunity.

We are also grateful for the opportunity to manually review humans eligible for The Club. We reward our Club Members and carefully invite a smaller group of humans to engage with our team and brand more closely. 

A clear goal for the BANGS Fam and company at all levels is tremendous diversity and non-discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, gender expression, age, national origin, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or military status, in any of our activities or operations.

Everyone is invited to #liveBANGS!!!

We have decided to focus the BANGS community and company on everyday adventure things like meetups, BANGS campaigns, our social mission, travel, outdoor activities, clothing, plants, food, coffee, of course our love of BANGS Shoes, and more.


We cannot be a source for all topics of dialogue and understand that BANGS may not support all of your needs so I encourage your participation in the hundreds of sites, blogs and communities dedicated to each of these!

We are not perfect, but we also know that we absolutely 100% condemn violence, hate and discrimination of any kind. Our hope is that we show our stance through our weekly investments in entrepreneurs and our daily flow of operations.

We are crazy grateful for this opportunity, am so proud of each and every one of you, and hope you will continue to help us unite this community around the BANGS Shoes mission.

All our love & respect,
Your BANGS Shoes Fam
What is The Club? What do I get? And how do I leave?
The Club is a group of humans dedicated to finding adventure in every moment!... oh and also who love BANGS Shoes!

Club Members get....

1) A one time 25% off code,
2) Adventure challenges & text games,
3) Access virtual and in-person meetups,
4) Ability to help build the brand more directly,
5) Chances to to pick KIVA entrepreneurs,
6) Exclusive discounts, promotions, giveaways,

How do I leave?
Just text us at 833-549-9519 that you’d like to step down and we’ll update your preferences, no problem!

Need an adventure now?
Option 1. Stop! Drop! Go on a camera roll scroll!

Text us pics from...
1. A time when you were truly happy!
2. A beautiful place you've been.
3. A time you did something out of your comfort zone!!

We can't wait to see!!! Friendly reminder, the BANGS Hotline number is 833-549-9519.

Option 2. Sign up for a Fam Feature!
We periodically feature Club Members on the BANGS IG story. Share your info here to sign up and be featured!! 

Option 3. Listen to this playlist!
Our Summer term Club Members curated this Spotify playlist linked here. Put in your headphones and give a listen while you walk, clean, dance, jump, laugh, cry, and more!!

Option 4. Sign up to help make videos!
We work to feature Club Members in our Reels & Tik Toks! Want to get notified when we  have video creation opportunities? Sign up here!
    Do Club Members have a discount?
    • New Club Members get access to a one time 25% off code 
    • All Club Members will receive random promotions, surprises and giveaway opportunities by participating in adventure text challenges!! (Imagine limited edition products, discounts off of specific shoes, and more.)
    Club Meetups

     Stay tuned for when we release new meetups!!

      Host Your Own Meetup!

      Interested in hosting your own meetup? Or want to learn about what it means to host your own meetup? Fill out this form here and Rose from BANGS will be in touch!

      Want to Help with Social Media?

      Want to engage with us more frequently on social media?!? We have tons of ideas!! Sign up (or get more info!) by sharing your info on this form linked here and we will be in touch as ideas & opportunities pop up! 

      Want to make a post with your BANGS? Make sure you use #liveBANGS & tag us @BANGSShoes so we can see it too! All done & posted?? Check out #liveBANGS to see what the club is up to!! Bonus points if you comment on a few posts & make some new connections! Hype & compliments go a looooong way!!!


      Email PenPal Sign Up

      Email buddy sign ups are currently closed! Stay tuned for when we open the up again!

      Nature Days Sign Up

       Looking to spend more time in nature? We got you!! Join our Nature Days Campaign to get nature prompts sent to you via text to help inspire more outside time! More details & sign up here!

      BANGS Cares

      Share Your Story! Every month we'll be choosing up to 3 community members to receive a free pair of BANGS. If at any point you feel eligible for our BANGS Cares Program, submit your story through this link.

      Why BANGS Cares? We hear stories all the time from adventurers working hard to pay off college debt, dealing with family crises, and all the other madness that life can throw our way making it difficult to invest in a good pair of shoes.

      We also see things like “my dog ate my shoes” or “I lost a pair at a concert” → And we feel it all fam!!!! Submit your story through this link.

      Giveaway Winners
      "Tell Us About Yourself" Weekly Winner! (winners contacted via email)
      • August winners: Judith S, Raven M 
      • September winners: Lilly, Karol J, Xitaly P, Megan M.
      • October winners: Katie W, Alexa M, Torren R, Celine M
      • February winners: Jane S, Jennifer L, Marshall T, Kate L
      • March winners: Zoe G, Becky S
      • April winners: Kali S, Julianna G, Alex M, Erica M
      August Blitz Winner: John P. (winner contacted via IG)
      Mushroom Pun Winner: Megan R. (winner contacted via IG)
      September PD 2 Survey: Elizabeth S. (winner contacted via email)
      September PD 3 Survey: Ashley I. (winner contacted via email)
      September PD 4 Survey: Sarah L  (winner contacted via email)
      September PD 5 Survey: Ellie D (winner contacted via email)
      Pacific Crest Emoji Challenge: Sarah-Eileen M. (winner contacted via text)
      Would you Rather Club Survey: Samantha H. (winner contacted via email)
      September Blitz Winner: Laura G. (winner contacted via IG)
      Legacy Emoji Challenge: Charlie C. (winner contacted via text)
      Birthday Emoji Challenge: Sam B. (winner contacted via IG)
      Espresso Day Giveaway: Hannah, M, ShiAnne B, Emily T. (winners contacted via email)
      Club Email Trivia: Sydney, C. (winner contacted via email)
      Feb PD Survey: Alyssa C. (winner contacted via email)
      10k Club Members: Jacki N, Madison F, Daniela G (winners contacted via email)
      Forest Fern Giveaway: Alison H
      Product Development Surveys: Lina G, Alyson I, Janessa B (winners contacted via email)
      Forest Fern Hype: Ariel N, Catherine G (winners contacted via IG)
      Smiley Platform Color Guess: Jordan B (winner contacted via text)
      Smiley Platform Emoji Hype: Himashi M, Emily O (winners contacted via Instagram)