How they're made!

BANGS Shoes were created after our founder taught English in China and discovered simple shoes worn by workers and farmers.

Inspired by their look and the hard-working people who wear them, we crafted a simple shoe built to carry you from one adventure to the next.

Our shoes are responsibly cut, sewn, and stitched inside a highly reputable, family-owned factory in Asia using ZERO animal byproducts. That's right! Our shoes are 100% vegan.

Our factory goes above and beyond to treat their employees with care and respect, enforcing fair wages, working hours, and a 1.5 hour lunch. They even recommend a nap during this long lunch break! (SIGN US UP.) 

We are proud to work with a manufacturing company whose internal culture matches the standards of our own.

Watch the #liveBANGS factory experience here!


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