Yeeeehhaaawwww!! We’re off and running!


Here are a list of commonly asked BA questions & answers!!

What is a BA Welcome Package & will I get one??

BANGS welcome packages are for all our amazing BAs: Mentors, Leads and Members!

Share your mailing address here:!

Packages will be delivered at the beginning of June :)

What's in a BA Welcome package? Stickers and other goodies!!

How do I see the BANGS competitions and contests??

Summer 2016 competitions are still being finalized!

Click on the Lead BA Roster found here, navigate to the "Contests + Prizes" tab and review what we have so far!

Who has access to the BA Coupon Code??

Only active Mentors, Leads, and Team Members!

Please do not share this code with family or friends... not even just 1 person!

This code is closely monitored and we will reach out to you in the event of abuse.

What is Snapchat Takeover and can I sign up for one??

Snapchat takeovers are available to Mentors, Leads, and Members!

Snapchat takeovers allow you to share your Adventure through the BANGS Shoes snapchat!

How do you sign up for one??

Click on the Lead BA Roster found here, navigate to the "Snapchat takeover" tab and sign up! You must have Google Sheets on your phone OR click on the Lead BA Roster from your laptop.

After you sign up, Hannah will get in touch and share the log-in info with you!

Snapchat takeovers last for 24 hours and can be...

Hikes! Music festivals! Roadtrips! Talent sharing! (Ex: Can you sing?? Play the guitar?? Do a Snapchat takeover and share it with us!)

The possibilities are endless!

How do I choose a Kiva entrepreneur??

If you're interested in selecting an entrepreneur for BANGS to invest in...

Click on the Lead BA Roster found here, navigate to the "Kiva Entrepreneur" tab and sign up! You must have Google Sheets on your phone OR click on the Lead BA Roster from your laptop.

What would happen next??

Hannah would reach out to you the week you sign up for and (via email!) give you 5 entrepreneurs + their stories to review!

You would then slect the entrepreneur and voila! BANGS invests in them :)

Can I organize a #liveBANGS meet up in my city??


Text Hannah and she'll help you organize and promote!!

How do I get into the BANGS Slack Team??

Lead BAs & Team Members: You will get an email invite & text from Hannah!

New Team Members are invited to slack every couple of days!

If you filled out the Team Member form over a week ago and have not yet been invited to slack, ask your Lead to text Hannah!

How do I turn on Slack notifications??

Step 1: Go to the "settings" in your phone.

Step 2: Scroll down and select "Slack App"!

Step 3: Select "notifications"!

Step 4: Turn on "allow notifications"!


How do I mute a Slack channel I don't want notifications from??

Step 1: Navigate to the channel you want to mute!

Step 2: Click on the three dots in the upper right-hand corner!

Step 3: Select settings >> Push Notifictaions

Step 4: Select the type of notifications you wish you have!!


Can I create a new Slack channel??

Oh heck yes!!! Anyone can do it! Mentor, Lead or Member! Just follow these steps:

Step 1: Open the Slack and slide to the left side bar.

Step 2: Press the "plus sign" next to the word "channel"!

Step 3: Select "create"!

Step 4: Make your channel public or private!

Step 5: Name your channel and write a purpose of the channel!

Step 6: Start inviting people to your channel!

BOOM!! Done.

What is a BANGS Blitz??

All BAs must particpate in 6 Blitz days this summer!

BANGS Blitz day is an assigned day when you and your team post Adventure pics on your personal IG account!

Do BANGS shoes have to be in Blitz pics?

No! #liveBANGS is a lifestyle and a persepctive. It's how you move through the day!

Beautiful sunset? #liveBANGS

Sweet camping pic? #liveBANGS

Playing an instrument? #liveBANGS

Chillin with fam? #liveBANGS

Please make sure your profile is public and you tag the image @BANGSshoes and use #liveBANGS #BANGSBlitz in the comments!

Need image ideas?? Talk to your Squad! They're creative, amazing peeps and can give you inspo.

When are my BANGS Blitz days??

Your Blitz days can be found on the Lead BA Roster linked here under tab "Mentor and Lead Roster"!

Lead BAs: look for your Mentor's name and your Blitz days are highlighted in green below their name!

Team members: look for your Lead's name and your Blitz days are highlighted in green above their name!.

How do I recruit a BANGS team??

Only Lead BAs will be recuiting teams!

If you're a team member interested in starting your own team, please apply for a Lead BA position Fall 2016!!

For Lead BAs recruiting a team..

Step 1: Target your most adventurous friends who are active on social media!

Step 2: Send this link to them to fill out!!

Step 3: BANGS will get in touch with your members and invite them to slack!

Step 4: You are responsible for making sure your Members know about your Blitz days!

We recommend 1-3 people, but of course, there is no limit to your team’s size! The more the merrier.

Do my BANGS team members have to live near me??

No! The BA Progam is managed 100% virtually! Recruit your most awesome friends, wherever they may be!

Please have your team member's names fill out this form ASAP!

How do I see how many people have signed up for my team?

Click on the Lead BA Roster found here! Navigate to the "Member" tab and review!

When does BANGS team member recruitment end??

If you have 3 Team Members signed up through the Team Member form by May 25, you will get a BANGS surprise in the mail!

Copy this link and text this form to your adventurous friends to fill out and join your team!!

What's the difference between a Lead BA and a Team Member??

There is a lot of cross over between the two!

Both Leads and Members are technically considered "BANGS Ambassadors"!

Both Leads and Members are asked to post on assigned Blitz days!"

Only Lead BAs have a Mentor and a Squad!

There are certain competitions over the summer only Leads have access to!

But! There are lots of other competitions everyone has access to!!

Can I get more BANGS stickers if I use them all up??

Yes! Just send a pre-stamped envelope (postage at least $1.50) to the address below, choose either 10 or 20 stickers, and our warehouse will send you some!

Envelope no bigger than 6 1/8" X 11 1/2!

BANGS Shoes Sticker Request

Diversified Distribution Inc

1507 Joseph Martin HWY — Bldg 25

Martinsville, VA 24112

How can I get more involved in BANGS Shoes??
  • Make a #liveBANGS video!
  • submit your footage to, subj line: #liveBANGS BA Video
  • Organize a #liveBANGS photoshoot!
  • submit your images to, subj line: #liveBANGS BA Pics PLEASE SAVE EACH OF YOUR IMAGES AS YOUR IG HANDLE
  • Organize a #liveBANGS Insta Meet-up
  • Email, subj line: #liveBANGS Meet-up! We’ll help you organize :)