We love your vibe & are super pumped to work with you!

Here are a 2 options for how we can collaborate. 

Please let Molly know which option works best for you! 

Can't wait to get started :)

1. Product exchange only

> gift 1 pair of BANGS in exchange for 2 posts on IG 

> no discount code for followers

> no commission on sales

2. Product exchange + 5% commission on all sales 

> gift 1 pair of BANGS in exchange for 2 posts on IG

> offer you a personalized coupon code to give 10% off to your followers

> we tracks sales via code and send checks as applicable 

For both collaborations, we will...

> gift you one pair of shoes in exchange for two posts! 

> both posts must tag @bangsshoes on image and in the comments! 

> both images must be posted within 30 days after receiving the product!

> build content to fit your own personal brand! (can reference examples below from successful Influencers!)

We've found the most successful posts...

> are clear, high res images

>tag @BANGSshoes in the image and the comments

>urge followers to check out @BANGSshoes and to PURCHASE the product

> reference WHY people should check out BANGS Shoes!

>our dedication to everyday adventure?

> our social mission of helping people start businesses?

>our simple, classic shoes? 

Check out these examples!