what's up with the size of custom designs?

Some background: our shoes are made in Vietnam! When we come up with a design concept, it can take up to 6 months to develop and produce to sell on our site. 

At the factory we place large, intricate designs onto fabric right after it's cut and before your shoes are assembled.

But 6 months is a long time! It's too long to be able to react quickly to trends and offer niche designs.

So we found an amazing embroidery partner in North Carolina who can place designs on shoes AFTER your shoes are already assembled!

Adding designs AFTER shoes are assembled creates size and location limitations BUT! it also allows us to offer more design options at a higher frequency.

For example, maybe this October we could do a Halloween theme! OR When the Eras Tour comes back we could do an “Easter Egg” Drop. Historically this wouldn’t make sense if these concepts didn’t win on “mass production” surveys, but now we get to have fun!

There you have it. Have a custom drop you know you want to see? Text us!

And stay tuned for future custom releases!