We believe adventure is a mindset.

With the right perspective and support from community, every moment can be a positive experience or maybe even a grand adventure. Our slogan is Your Adventure Helps Others because all purchases of our everyday adventure gear help support a new entrepreneur. Get out there you, adventure awaits.

Our Story

BANGS Shoes was founded by Hannah Davis. Our shoes were inspired by simple work boots Hannah saw when she was teaching English in China.

BANGS are built to maintain this same classic feel while supporting you on your everyday adventures.

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Our Factory

BANGS Shoes are made from 100% vegan, ethically sourced materials inside a factory whose workers are treated with dignity and respect.

We are proud to work with family-owned factory whose internal culture matches the standards of our own.

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Our Community

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Our Impact

Buying BANGS Shoes helps people start businesses in the USA + around the world.

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Our Values

We have cultivated a company culture and community united around everyday adventure, positivity, encouragement, and a passion to do good.

How do we do this?

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