every pair purchased helps invest in a new entrepreneur.

Our model is built to invest 20% of net profits to support people in starting and growing their businesses. To date, the BANGS community has been able to invest in over 5,000 entrepreneurs across 74 countries including the US.

Mission FAQs

Why do you invest in people?

We believe that micro-finance is one very meaningful way to support people in providing for their families and creating the life of their dreams.

How do you choose people to invest in?

We hand-select entrepreneurs through our non-profit partner, Kiva.

Do the people you invest in have to pay you back?

When a loan is repaid, the money stays inside of Kiva's platform. We then re-invest that SAME loan with a new, different Kiva entrepreneur. So over time, one loan could cycle through many entrepreneurs - making your dollars more meaningful!

Can I invest in a Kiva entrepreneur without buying BANGS?

Absolutely!! We highly encourage it. Read how to on Kiva.org.

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Wayan, Indonesia - Photo by Brandon Smith | Images provided by Kiva.org to advance its mission of connecting people around the world through lending to alleviate poverty.

featured entrepreneur: MEGAN

"I started Dirty Clay Co. in Jan. 2021 after falling in love with pottery in 2019. Pottery helped me heal and rediscover passion and community in my life and ultimately gave me the courage and means to leave an unhealthy work environment in Aug. 2021.

I became inspired to create, not only pots, but to create a space for the community to gather and rediscover their own sense of presence and self. Opening a brick-and-mortar studio has been a dream since the beginning. We began small, selling pottery at markets and soon grew to include lessons and workshops.

I am so excited to be able to provide a space for others to find that same sense of purpose and accomplishment in creating something truly unique for themselves." - Sited from Kiva.org

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