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of Our Net Profits
reinvestment of loans

Our model is built to invest 20% of net profits in helping people start businesses.

Wayan, Indonesia - Photo by Brandon Smith | Images provided by to advance its mission of connecting people around the world through lending to alleviate poverty.

  • We hand-select entrepreneurs to invest in their business ideas.
  • All entrepreneurs are vetted + the loan dissemination and repayment is facilitated by our nonprofit partner,
  • Entrepreneurs build their business and then repay their loan.
  • 99% of loans given through Kiva are repaid.
  • This high repayment rate indicates an extremely high rate of successfully growing businesses!
  • When a loan is repaid, we do not take the money back, but re-invest that SAME loan with a new, different entrepreneur.
  • This means that over time, one loan could cycle through innumerable entrepreneurs, growing many, many businesses.
  • Buy BANGS Shoes = Your Adventures Help Others Find Theirs.


Jhohan was raised with an entrepreneurial spirit which led him to start his company after moving to the United States.


“I was born in Colombia in a family that was characterized by its entrepreneurialism, which is why I grew up with the dream of having my own business, I studied law in Colombia and am a certified lawyer in this country, where I practiced for many years. However, I am a man of vision and I don't like conformism, so I made the decision of moving to the US to start my own business because I know that this country can offer me things that I could have never even dreamt of in my home country. I have many of the skills needed to be an entrepreneur and I have long dreamt of owning a business and making it grow and expand in an efficient way, I consider myself a leader who cares about other people and their situations, and I would love to become a business owner to be able to help other people get ahead in life and achieve their goals and dreams. I believe that the sum is better than the individual. Today I have already taken the first steps towards this goal of mine and I hope to be able to succeed with all your help." — Jhohan via


“I started my painting business, Pinturas JR, a year ago. My first job when I moved to the US was as a sander for a painting business. Soon after I started doing this, I was promoted thanks to my effort and good care on the projects that I took on, and they taught me how to paint. I liked this work from the very beginning and soon realized that I was very good at it because I have always been extremely detail oriented, which is an important quality when doing such delicate work. I started working as a painter for this company, but I have always had a very entrepreneurial mindset, so my mind was always set on starting my own business, At a certain point I decided to give it a try and started taking on paint related projects during weekends, which were my free days from the company where I was employed. Fortunately, I landed a few projects that allowed me to make my business a little name among the community and realized that I could really do this on my own. Therefore, I made my mind up, left my day job and started my own painting business. Becoming a business owner in the US was a dream come true, that I expect to continue growing for a long time! Having the right tools and equipment is key for my business for many reasons. This $2000 Kiva loan will make it possible for me to invest in a long needed tool: an air compressor, along with a paint spraying gun and two sander heads that function with the air compressor. I have long been accusing the lack of these tolls because I feel that my hands get tired halfway through any project, which not only is bad for my health, but also for the business since it makes me slower. Therefore, my ultimate goal for this loan is to increase my business' efficiency, so that I am capable of finishing more parts. I believe that these tools will allow me to reduce the time it takes me to finish painting a piece by 50%, making me 50% more efficient in my work and at the same time achieve better quality end results. This way, I will keep my clients satisfied and be able to take on more projects and increase my revenue without having to work longer hours.” — Jhohan via

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