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Our model is built to invest 20% of net profits in helping people start businesses.

Wayan, Indonesia - Photo by Brandon Smith | Images provided by to advance its mission of connecting people around the world through lending to alleviate poverty.

  • We hand-select entrepreneurs to invest in their business ideas.
  • All entrepreneurs are vetted + the loan dissemination and repayment is facilitated by our nonprofit partner,
  • Entrepreneurs build their business and then repay their loan.
  • 99% of loans given through Kiva are repaid.
  • This high repayment rate indicates an extremely high rate of successfully growing businesses!
  • When a loan is repaid, we do not take the money back, but re-invest that SAME loan with a new, different entrepreneur.
  • This means that over time, one loan could cycle through innumerable entrepreneurs, growing many, many businesses.
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Westville Massage: Wellness for Women, NEW HAVEN, CT

Julie is proud to use her space as a home for massage, yoga, and community for women, especially those in their child-bearing years.


“I've believed in supporting other women ever since studying women's development in undergrad for my degree in psychology. After massage school, I found working with pregnant moms very gratifying because it is such a physically and emotionally challenging time, and the bodywork can make such a difference. In my own postpartum days I could have used more of a "village" of support (being new to our neighborhood Westville at the time.) So I want to create a space that feels safe and supportive for women at all stages of life, and especially in the childbearing year. I care so much about the comfort of pregnant women I helped start the Tampa Bay Birth Network, became a doula, and patented an ergonomic pregnancy sleep system! I am developing other ideas for apps and other websites that can help pregnant/postpartum women that I'll be incorporating into our services at Westville Wellness when the time is right. My stretch goal is to create a replicable, franchise-able business model, to provide opportunities for women business owners, massage therapists, yoga instructors and their clients in cities across the country.“ — Julie via


“Westville Wellness for Women is an expansion of my current practice, Westville Massage. I've been a massage therapist for over 22 years, a part-time doula for 10 years, and was the founder and owner of the Pregnancy Massage Center in Atlanta from 2000-2007. After relocating to Connecticut for my husband's work, my practice here has always focused on women, with a specialty in prenatal massage. The biggest challenge is that I can only do so many massages in a day, no matter how many people are calling for appointments. I seek to expand so I can share my knowledge with other therapists and create stable income to contribute in a meaningful way to my family. I'm proud of my reputation in the community as a compassionate, effective, and safe source for pain relief for women, especially among the midwives at Yale-New Haven Hospital (where I teach a birthpartner massage class in the childbirth ed department). I currently have one part-time employee and have a wonderful yoga instructor ready to work in the new location in October. Our goal is to offer support for women in their self-care journey through massage, yoga and community. This Kiva loan will help us purchase 3 electric lift massage tables at 1,640.50 each for a total of $4,921.50. This will allow me to create jobs for 4-6 massage therapists to serve our clients, taking shifts in three new rooms. I hope to be able to double revenues in the next year, and to provide my family with more financial security in the following ways: create stable income that is present even if I reach a point in the next 20 years when my body can no longer do the work, and provide enough to catch up with a delayed retirement plan.” — Julie via

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