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of Our Profits
reinvestment of loans

Our model is built to invest 20% of net profits in helping people start businesses.

Wayan, Indonesia - Photo by Brandon Smith | Images provided by to advance its mission of connecting people around the world through lending to alleviate poverty.

  • We hand-select entrepreneurs to invest in their business ideas.
  • All entrepreneurs are vetted + the loan dissemination and repayment is facilitated by our nonprofit partner,
  • Entrepreneurs build their business and then repay their loan.
  • 99% of loans given through Kiva are repaid.
  • This high repayment rate indicates an extremely high rate of successfully growing businesses!
  • When a loan is repaid, we do not take the money back, but re-invest that SAME loan with a new, different entrepreneur.
  • This means that over time, one loan could cycle through innumerable entrepreneurs, growing many, many businesses.
  • Buy BANGS Shoes = Your Adventures Help Others Find Theirs.


After overcoming many obstacles, Jason made it his mission to work with his family to provide sustainably produced fresh farm products to the market.


“I grew up in a small town on the island of Oahu, in a town called Mililani. Nothing from my childhood would lead you to believe I would become a farmer. Growing up in a middle-class family in the suburbs farming was the last thing I thought the future held for me. As an adult, I found myself addicted to painkillers. Opioid addiction is very difficult to overcome, and eventually, I was convicted of possession. I was then given a choice between prison and rehab and decided to turn my life around. After being released early and having my record expunged for good behavior while on probation, I met the woman of my dreams and had a daughter with her. On this magical journey of being a parent, Jennifer and I began looking at ways to give our child the best possible chance at a healthy and happy life. We struggled during pregnancy to find vegetables that met our standards, so we created Thrive Hawaii Family Farm. Today, I couldn't imagine a life without farming. I am very proud of my family for the progress we have made so far. Last year we created (THFF) with the vision of bringing the highest quality, sustainable, organically grown, freshest produce possible to people on Oahu. We love the idea of getting people together in a social setting and plan to bring the community to the farm to enjoy gatherings and get back in touch with the land. While pregnant, Jennifer and I struggled to find vegetables that were local, fresh, sustainable, and organic. Shortly after our daughter Sera was born, we decided to enroll into GoFarm. While going through the GoFarm program, we created Thrive Hawaii Family Farm to provide better access to the kinds of fruits and vegetables essential to a thriving community." — Jason via


“The biggest challenge we have encountered so far is capital. Investing in our farm to get up and running, combined with the high cost of living for a family in Hawaii makes it difficult to save the amount we need to take our farm to the next level. With the fortunate problem of demand exceeding production, we are hoping that this loan will allow us to bridge that gap, add new products like prawn and fish, and create an area for agro-tourism on our farm. This loan allows us to purchase equipment to finish our aquaponics system and builds infrastructure to support our growing farm. Finishing the aquaponics system will help us meet growing demand for greens and provide fish and prawn as new offerings. Having a wash station, refrigeration unit, and secure storage on site will save time and contribute to the quality and shelf-life of produce.” — Jason via

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