First of all you're doing great and we love you!!! Check out the FAQs below.

Club FAQs

What is The Club?

The Club is a group of humans dedicated to finding adventure in every moment!... oh and also who love BANGS Shoes!

What do I get when I join The Club?

Club Members get....

1) A 25% off code to use when you join
2) Adventure challenges & text games
3) Access virtual and in-person meetups
4) Ability to help build the brand more directly
5) Chances to to pick KIVA entrepreneurs (you can read more on "Our Mission" in our footer)
6) Exclusive discounts, promotions & giveaways

How do I leave The Club?

Just text us that you’d like to step down and we’ll update your preferences, no problem!

Where do you announce survey winners?

"Tell Us About Yourself" survey winners.

  • June 2023 winners: Kaelyn V, Leora K, Sara G
  • July 2023 winners: Leora K, Mackenzie M, Haley O
  • August: Maryjane K, Krystine K, Jess Y
  • September: Sara k, John F, Lauren K
  • October: Lauren H, Fin W

Product Development Survey winners:

  • December: Darcy J, Aly R, Andie B, Sammy S
  • January: Miley A, Amanda H, Keira R
  • February: Aubri G, Madison D, Brooke F, Merrill C
  • March: Aleigh W, Corynn H, Brooke R
  • April: Charley P, Alexa C, Sam K, Kat B, Sabrina L
  • May: Layla M

Social Media Crew: Lila J, Anna T

IG Story scavenger hunt: Pevton B, Lulu B, Danielle L, Jenn, Lauren W

IG New Shoe Game: Abigail J, Emy J

New Shoe Guessing Games: Alex O, Emily C, Kate E, Zoe P, Melody D, Lucero A

Summer Sale Tile Sharing: Lilia S, Mando L, Jani J

Club Happiness Survey: Elizabeth S

Club Coffee: Caspian R, Emma J, Rachel K

Wishlist Survey: Sarah V

Early Bird IG Tile Share: Danielle, Ryleigh K, Bunny, Stephanie G, Rowan

Product Surveys: Allen M, Cris D, Bailey G, Andrew K, Taylor B, Alia S

Shoe Naming Survey: Camille, Rachel, Jamie

Custom BANGS Feedback Survey: Rom

Teacher Appreciation Survey: Maddie P

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