Adventure Exists in Every Moment

So join our next #liveBANGS Meetup!

Adventure is a mindset, a way to move through life. We want to bring together people who stay curious, open to learning, and excited to discover something new.

What happens at a #liveBANGS Adventure meetup?
It largely depends on the meetup host and how many people come, but a #liveBANGS meetup usually means...
1. Being outside
2. Taking (amazing) photos, and
3. Making new friends! 

How can I attend one?
Find a location and sign up below!!!

Saturday Sept 24 | Muncie, Indiana Sign up linked here with host Angel Fisher-Plunkett!

Saturday Sept 24 | White Haven, Pennsylvania Sign up linked here with host Jocelyn Balla!

Saturday Oct 1st | Virginia Sign up linked here with host Madison O'Kelley!