Hello Adventureres!

My name is Hannah Davis, and I founded BANGS Shoes. 

BANGS Shoes are inspired by simple work boots worn by workers and farmers I saw when I was teaching English in China, and are built to maintain this same classic feel while supporting you on your everyday adventures.

Our brand name BANGS comes from the Chinese character for "help", and we work to bring our mission to life in everything we do!

We take 20% of our net profits and put them towards helping entrepreneurs start businesses around the world. We partner with an incredible third generation family-owned manufacturer to guarantee our goods are produced and sourced ethically. We have cultivated a company culture and community united around everyday adventure, positivity, encouragement, and a passion to do good.

We believe that everyday adventure is a mindset and with the right perspective and support from our communities, we can make every moment into a positive experience or maybe even... a grand adventure.

Here's to using your adventures to help others! Excited to keep building.


Watch our TEDx for glimpse behind the #liveBANGS vision!

Did you know?

BANGS was inspired by the character for "help" in Mandarin.

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