Our values

Here at BANGS, we have cultivated a company culture and community united around everyday adventure and encouragement. We take 20% of our net profits and put them towards helping entrepreneurs start businesses around the world through our partner Kiva. We partner with an incredible third generation family-owned manufacturer to guarantee our goods are produced and sourced ethically.

We believe that everyday adventure is a mindset and with the right perspective and support from our community, we can make every moment into a positive experience or maybe even... a grand adventure.

Our community is one of the most important extensions of our brand and mission, and we believe that our community is one of a kind. This is mostly because of the humans themselves -- a group of kind, passionate people who choose to put their energy towards representing the BANGS mission and for whom we are eternally grateful.

A clear goal for us is tremendous diversity and non-discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, gender expression, age, national origin, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or military status, in any of our activities or operations. We work to show our stance every single day through action - investments in entrepreneurs and our daily flow of operations. 

We absolutely 100% condemn violence, hate and discrimination of any kind. We do not, have not and will not tolerate it. Our hope is to show our stance every single day through action - our investments in entrepreneurs and our daily flow of operations. 

We are grateful for this opportunity, proud of each and every one of you, and hope you will continue to unite this community around the BANGS Shoes mission.

All our love & respect,
Your BANGS Shoes Fam